North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees approve tuition and personnel changes

NCMC - North Central Missouri College

The North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees approved tuition and fees as well as room and board for the 2019-2020 academic year at its meeting Tuesday evening.

Tuition and fees increased for everything, except Dual Credit and Early College. Tuition will be $87 per credit hour for NCMC district students, $148 for other Missouri residents, and $179 for other United States residents and international students. That is an increase of $2.00 for in-district students, $3.00 increase for Missouri residents, and $4 for other residents. The fee is $162 per credit hour for online, outreach, and course by arrangement, which is an increase of $3.00.

Nursing on-ground will be $152 per credit hour, and online will be $178 which is an increase of $3 for on-ground and $4 for online. Nursing program fees will cost $2,500 for the initial semester, with the second semester and Summer will costing $2,100 per semester. The nursing program fees all increased by $100.

The student development and facility fees will be $16 per credit hour, and technology fees will increase to $6.00 which is an increase of $1.00. Dual Credit will stay the same at $100 per credit hour. Early College will actually decrease in cost by $1.00. Early College for the NCMC district will be $14 per credit hour, and out of district as well as online and outreach will be $64.

Associate Vice President for Business and Finance Tyson Otto said increasing the tuition and fees was the only way to keep up. He reported budget projections for the fiscal year 2020 are based on level enrollment figures and the expectation of no increase in revenue from state appropriations. It will be the third consecutive year of no increase in state funding. Trustee Chris Hoffman said he would like to see how NCMC tuition and fees compare to other community colleges. Otto said NCMC is still on the low end of costs.

The board approved recommended changes to course fees for several classes for the 2019-2020 academic year. Fees for Principles of Safety, Maintenance Awareness, Quality Practices, and Manufacturing Processes were each adjusted to $195 each to reflect current pricing. Vice President of Academic Affairs Doctor Tristan Londre said the adjustment includes Manufacturing Skill Standards Council candidate registration of $60, the curriculum module of $90, and an assessment of $45.

A course fee of $110 was added to Motor Controls, Programmable Logic Controllers 1, Fluid Power, and Industrial Mechanics to cover the cost of an Amatrol seat license, which can serve as a textbook for the courses. Londre noted the courses were previously offered through grants and did not have fees attached.

The approved room and board rates for the 2019-2020 academic year reflect no increase in room rates and a two percent increase in board rates. A double occupancy room will cost $3,043, and a single occupancy will be $4,867. A 12-meal plan will cost $2,706, and a 17-meal plan will be $3,072.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Doctor Kristen Alley reported the room and board rates were based on a projected eight and a half percent increase in water rates and no increase in other utility rates.

There is a projected increase of just over two percent in the Consumer Price Index for 2020 and NCMC is moving toward the higher end when comparing the cost of room rates at Missouri community colleges and the surrounding area. Alley noted there will also be a two percent contractual increase in board rates for the 2019-2020 academic year provided by Great Western Dining.

Great Western agreed to donate $25,000 to NCMC, with the primary amount applied to the cost of an indoor smoker and charbroiler with a refrigerated base.

The North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees approved the awarding of tenure to three faculty members. Industrial Tech Instructor Stan Scott, Criminal Justice Instructor Jenna Vandel, and Nursing Skills Lab Instructor Vel Westbrook were all awarded tenure.

The board also approved several employments and transfers. The reemployment of full-time faculty for the 2019-2020 year was approved, pending staffing reductions related to loss of state or federal revenue. Salaries will be determined at a later date.

Katherine Tabbert of Trenton was approved as the Trio Administrative Assistant. She began the non-exempt, full-time classified staff position March 18th at a rate of $12.28 per hour.

Two women were approved as Green Hills Head Start directors. Sue Ewigman of Marceline will transfer from Head Start Education Specialist to Head Start Director: Home-Based and Early Childhood. Janet Gott of Trenton will transfer from Head Start Education Coordinator to Head Start Director: Centers and Administration. Ewigman and Gott will begin their positions on April 1st, and their annual salaries will be $74,000. They have been serving as interim co-directors since previous director Doctor Beverly Hooker retired.

The Board of Trustees approved the transfer of full-time Head Start employee Shelby Evans of Powersville to Unionville Co-Teacher. Sherry Spears of Trenton was hired as a full-time cook at Trenton Head Start. Evans and Spears will begin their positions Wednesday, March 27th.

The board approved a salary increase for Northwest Workforce Development Board staff member Brent Stevens. His new salary is $44,174 and went into effect on March 1st. Workforce Development Board Executive Director Lisa Hostetler said Stevens performs 90% of the Equal Opportunity Officer duties, maintains the website, provides office information technology support, and is responsible for Program Operations Manager functions.

The renaming and updating of two NCMC classified staff positions were approved. Administrative Assistant to the Vice President will now be the Academic Affairs Specialist. Health Sciences Division Secretary will be Nursing and Health Sciences Administrative Specialist. Chief of Staff Kristi Harris said the Academic Affairs Specialist position is currently held by Stefanie Dowell, and the Nursing and Health Sciences Administrative Specialist position is held by Jenna Stevens.

Updates to three Green Hills Head Start job descriptions were also approved. The updates involved the Family Engagement Specialist, Enrollment Specialist, and Education Specialist positions. The Head Start Child Selection Criteria for Preschool and Early Head Start were approved for 2019-2020. President Lenny Klaver reported the Preschool criteria prioritized lower-income families and older children who will enter public school first. Early Head Start selection criteria prioritize low-income pregnant teens and younger children.

The board approved Klaver’s recommendation to implement a four-day workweek for faculty and staff from May 13th to August 9th. Faculty and staff will also be allowed to dress in casual attire. With supervisor approval, faculty and staff will work required hours during the work week and can work their hours Monday through Thursday. Office hours for the public will be Monday through Thursday from 8 o’clock to 4:30.

The Ketcham Community Center will remain on its standard summer hours of operation.

Klaver expressed appreciation to the trustees for the care packages sent with the men’s basketball team on its trip to Danville, Illinois for the National Junior College Athletic Association Division 2 (II) National Basketball Tournament. He reported the NCMC website received 20,000 hits in three days, and the college is 60 applications ahead of where it was last year at this time. He believes it is because of the basketball team’s recognition.

Klaver provided a state budget update noting the House Budget Committee finalized its version of the fiscal year 2020 budget this week. The proposed budget will move to the full House for discussion. One change during the committee markup included $332,500 as one-time funding to Crowder College for nursing program expansion.

Klaver shared that there is controversy regarding House Bill 363, which says “No contribution or expenditure of public funds shall be made directly by any officer, board member, director, administrator, employee, or agent of any political subdivision or special district to advocate, support, or oppose any ballot measure, any candidate for public office, or any issue before the general assembly.” It also states they shall not “directly use public resources or property paid for with public funds to advocate, support, or oppose” any ballot measure, candidate for public office, or issue before the general assembly.” Klaver noted that Missouri Community College Association Executive Director Brian Millner released a statement on the bill and called it a “major concern”.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Doctor Tristan Londre reported NCMC’s Registered Nursing program was ranked number eight out of 53 by the Registered Nursing website. He said the school is “on track” to implement the Missouri Civics requirement in July, where students must pass a Civics Exam.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Doctor Kristen Alley reported Nathan Udovich will be awarded the Missouri Community College Association Student Leadership Award for NCMC.

Alley announced that 515 total degrees will be awarded to 484 unduplicated applicants representing 10 states and six countries at two graduation ceremonies May 11th. Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education Vice Chair Mike Thomson will speak at the commencement ceremony at 9 o’clock that morning. Wright Memorial Hospital and Hedrick Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Steve Schieber will speak at the second ceremony at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Alley noted a pancake breakfast and rehearsal will be held May 10th.

Board of Trustees Clerk Vicki Weaver reported the board took action on a real estate matter during an executive session. The information is to be released within 72 hours.

After the executive session, the board approved funding the construction of the new Trenton Head Start educational facility as required by Head Start regulations.