Missouri State Highway Patrol reports 15 arrests in north Missouri between October 15 and October 18, 2023

Missouri State Highway Patrol

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported a series of arrests across various counties in north Missouri between October 15 and October 18, 2023.  The arrests were for various offenses including driving while intoxicated, resisting arrest, and multiple warrants for unrelated charges.  At the time of publication, individuals may have already been released from incarceration.

On October 15, Jake D. Chellew, a 30-year-old male from St Joseph, MO, faced charges of misdemeanor driving while intoxicated. He was held at the Buchanan County Law Enforcement Center under a 24-hour hold. The same day, Jeremy W. Hann, 32, from Chillicothe, MO, was apprehended in Caldwell for numerous offenses including tampering with a motor vehicle, resisting arrest, driving without a valid license, and involvement in a crash due to careless driving, among others. He was detained at the Caldwell County Detention Center.

In a notable case of international interest, Ionut Bogdan Ganea, 30, from London, England, was arrested as a fugitive from out of state by the Andrew County Sheriff’s Office, with no bond permitted. Meanwhile, Gonzalez D. Ramos, a 49-year-old male from Tampa, FL, was taken into custody for a felony nonsupport warrant from Jasper County, held at the Daviess-DeKalb Regional Jail with the option of bond.

The arrests continued on October 17, with Paul W. Mott, 33, from St Joseph, MO, facing multiple charges including unlawful possession of a firearm and controlled substance, and driving while intoxicated. He was released for medical treatment. Robert F. Blake, 27, from Kennesaw, GA, was apprehended for a misdemeanor warrant for failing to appear for a traffic offense in Macon County but was subsequently released.

Victor D. Gonzalez, 34, from Kansas City, KS, was arrested under several charges including felony resisting arrest by fleeing, speeding, driving without a license, and multiple felony warrants. He was held at the Andrew County Sheriff’s Department. On the same day, Cory J. Farrell, 25, from Sheridan, MO, was detained for traffic-related misdemeanor warrants in Nodaway County, with his release terms being bondable.

On October 16, David W. Johnson, 31, from Moberly, MO, was taken into custody for a felony warrant related to a probation violation and a minor seatbelt violation, later released from Randolph County Jail. Following this, Jeffrey E. Duncan, 56, from New Cambria, MO, faced charges for driving while suspended and was released from the Brookfield Police Department.

In the early hours of October 17, Jonathan Mulopo Musangilayi, 31, from Kirksville, MO, was arrested for driving while intoxicated and property damage, with the Adair County Sheriff’s Department later releasing him. Later that night, Brian C. Vincent, 45, from St Louis, MO, was apprehended under multiple charges including prior DWIs, careless driving, and several warrants from different counties. He was held at the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department on bondable terms.

The series of arrests concluded on October 18 with Caleb N. Ford, 41, from Paris, MO, charged with driving while revoked, lacking insurance, and a peace disturbance warrant from Shelby County. He was held at the Macon County Jail. Almost simultaneously, Robert L. Gregory, 60, from Keokuk, IA, was taken for failing to appear for a DWI and not displaying valid license plates, with the Clark County Jail holding him on bond. Lastly, Jacob E. Williams, 31, from Unionville, MO, faced charges for possession of a controlled substance, driving without a valid license, and multiple warrants, being held at the Randolph County Jail on bondable terms.

These incidents highlight the ongoing efforts by the Missouri State Highway Patrol to curb law violations and enhance safety on the roads.

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