Livingston County Sheriff completes investigations involving forced entry and child endangerment

Livingston County Sheriff

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office has completed two investigations and started another.

Sheriff Steve Cox reports one of the completed investigations regarded a reported forced entry and possible burglary at a residence on LIV 387.

The investigation led authorities to three Carroll County residents who reported they became stranded in high water, went to the victim’s property, and forced entry due to the cold and wet conditions. The three individuals allegedly remained inside until they were picked up and someone removed the vehicle in which they traveled.

The individuals did not leave any information for the victim or contact law enforcement, even though they had one or more cell phones available. Damage was limited to the forced entry, and the victim reported nothing appeared to be missing.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office also completed an endangering the welfare of a child investigation when a parent knowingly allowed a young child to remain in a child sex offender’s home. Cox says the sex offender and spouse also allowed the child to sleep in bed with them. An incident report includes transcribed court testimony from a different hearing.

Incident reports from the completed investigations are being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration.

Cox reports investigation continues to attempt to locate a primary suspect on a theft of license plates from a vehicle in Utica. A victim reported discovering expired license plates on his vehicle that did not belong to him. The victim’s license plates were found on an abandoned vehicle owned by someone else parked down the road.

The stolen plates were recovered.