Livingston County Preservation Society announces next Chillicothe Hall of Fame inductee

R. Warren Roberts Photo
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The Livingston County Preservation Society has announced the next Chillicothe Hall of Fame inductee, R. Warren Roberts.

Roberts was an architect and designed many buildings throughout Chillicothe and the state. Representative Rusty Black is the sponsor for this inductee.

A ceremony is scheduled for February 18th in the courtroom (top floor) of the Livingston County Courthouse at 1 pm. Roberts was said to have designed the courthouse in Chillicothe.

Following the induction of Roberts, a 45-day nomination period will begin for the next inductee. Nominations are accepted through March 31st,

The Chillicothe Hall of Fame recognizes pioneer founding citizens who have made significant contributions to the community. To nominate someone, submit a two-page biography along with a picture if possible via email to [email protected]. To be considered, the nominee must have been deceased for at least 35 years (to maintain historical perspective) and have made outstanding contributions to the character of Chillicothe.

A complete biography of Roberts can be found on the Livingston County Preservation Society’s website.

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