Grundy County Health Department reports 220 cases of COVID-19 over the last three weeks; positivity rate is 32.3%

Grundy County Health Department Website

Over the last three weeks, since October 28th, the Grundy County Health Department reports 220 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified.

The health department reports Grundy county’s positivity rate for the week from November 8th through 14th is 32 point two (32.2) percent, or one in three, which is in between two other methods of calculating the positivity rate. The CDC method using tests is about 24 percent while the Missouri method based on individuals is 43 percent.

The Grundy County Health Department, on Wednesday, reported it was able to release several individuals from isolation. Health officials noted being released from isolation does not mean a person is “well.” The department explained this means a person is no longer infectious. Officials added some individuals recover quickly while others may feel exhausted, have shortness of breath, or be unable to resume normal activities—even after ten days.

The active cases dropped by six from Tuesday with the number of active cases in Grundy County at 115. Year to date, the number of total cases has reached 560 with 407 were listed as confirmed and the rest, 153, as probable.

Grundy County’s staff reports it’s been very busy with contact tracing and offering information to persons impacted by COVID-19. The health department continues to request citizens to wear a mask when meeting or gathering indoors especially if the area does not allow enough space for social distancing.