Grundy County Commission makes appointment to Grundy County Health Department Board; opens bids for Streambank Stabilization

Grundy County Commission Sign

The Grundy County Commission made an appointment to the Grundy County Health Department Board and opened bids for the Streambank Stabilization project this (Tuesday) morning.

Cari Blackburn was appointed to the health department board to replace Troy Crawford, who resigned after he moved from the area.

Three bids were opened for the Streambank Stabilization project near the Thompson River Bridge on Highway 6. No action was taken. Binder Irrigation of Table Rock, Nebraska submitted a base bid of $575,030.40, MS Contracting of Chillicothe had a base bid of $708,320, and Lehman Construction Company of California, Missouri submitted a base bid of $1,387,266. Each company also submitted two add alternates.

Howe Company representative David Ausmus said the Howe Company will review and evaluate the bids. It will have to be determined where the money will come from to pay for the project.

It was previously reported the project was estimated to cost $350,000. It was also previously reported the Natural Resources Conservation Service could fund 75% of the project. The IDC agreed to pay $45,000 for engineering costs involved with the project, and the Missouri Department of Transportation could provide some funding.

Presiding Commissioner Phillip Ray reported a lot of things have changed since February, and it is unfortunate that costs have increased. The commission will not move with the project until the finance gap is filled.