Grundy County Clerk certifies write-in candidate results from Tuesday, April 2nd election

Election Results

Grundy County write-in results have been announced from Tuesday’s election.

For Spickard mayor, Mike Jaycox, Gary Lee, Randy Howe, Mary Gibson, Frank Felder, Terry Holtzclaw, Alan Tharp, Ken Olson, Freddie Griffin, Larry Stevens, and Melody Chapman all received one vote.

In Tindall, Jim Shaw had six votes for mayor, and Linda Crooks received one. For the four positions on the Tindall Board of Aldermen, Michael Wagner had six votes, Greg Olson five, Glen King four, Albert Batson three, and Dennis Robb, John Wagner, Doris Veeder, and Denise Hamilton all received one vote.

For the one unexpired two-year term for the Spickard R-2 Board of Education, Walter Pickett received four votes and Roger Bonnet two. Daniel Chapman, Jesse Richmond, Gary Pickett, Shelby Griffin, Ruth Shipps, Melody Chapman, Carolyn Brown, Mary Gibson, and Linda Reed all received one vote.

Jen Belvel received five votes for the one unexpired two-year term on the Pleasant View Board of Education. Ben Thomas received four votes, and Bill Wilson had one.

Harrison Township trustee declared write-in candidate Ethan Griffin received three votes. For two positions on the Harrison Township Board, declared write-in Jarin Simpson received 11 votes and declared write-in Travis Tatum got 10. Other votes for the Harrison Township Board were four for Ethan Griffin, three for Tim Hanson, and one for Paul Johnson. Paul Johnson, Michelle Hanson, and Tracy Simpson each had two votes for Harrison Township Clerk. Gloria Betz and Richard Head received one vote for clerk.

In the Washington Township election for trustee, declared write-in candidate Wayne Johnson received seven votes, and Jim McIntosh and Jerry Korody had one vote each. For the two board positions, declared write-in Jim Glidewell had eight, declared write-in Jace Glidewell got seven, and James McIntosh received one. Jerry Korody had three votes for Washington Township clerk, Wayne Johnson received two, and Twyla Johnson got one.

For Wilson Township clerk, declared write-in Cynthia Sawyer received 20 votes. Other votes for the Wilson Township clerk were Amy Lewis with 23, Stan Dudley five, Kim Meeker two, and Hilary Cooksey, Brad Wilford, Adam Cooksey, and Sheila Thompson with one vote each.