Green Hills Medical Clinic to offer free screening on June 24

Blood pressure

Green Hills Medical Clinic in Trenton is participating in a Saint Luke’s Health System program to promote heart wellness.

The program this Friday offers a free blood pressure and atrial fibrillation screening, using just your fingers, and placing them on an Apple iPad.

The screening process will take less than five minutes, and is confidential, with no cost.

Persons interested need to arrive at Saint Luke’s Green Hills Medical Clinic Friday, June 24 between 8:30 – 10 a.m. Appointments for the testing are not available.

This program is for screening only. The person performing the test cannot give advice or diagnosis. If your screening does not meet the pre-defined parameters, you will be encouraged to contact your primary care provider.

Green Hills Medical Clinic is at 33-hundred East 10th St. in Trenton.

For additional information, please call 660-359-3939.