Equipment in place to begin demolition of buildings for construction of new 17th Street Bridge

17th Street Bridge

Machinery has been moved to the east side of the 17th Street Bridge to begin demolishing three city-owned buildings to make way for construction of a new and longer bridge.

Perkins and Son Dozing of Lock Springs is the demolition contractor. City Administrator Ron Urton expects the demolition work to begin soon. He also told the city council that Trenton on Monday afternoon received the construction and maintenance agreement from Union Pacific Railroad, one of the funding sources for the new bridge. Urton also announced the Missouri Department of Transportation, another funding partner, has approved plans, specifications, and engineering estimates for the new bridge. The documents are needed for the city to seek bids.

Among other reports, Urton noted concrete was poured overnight for the Trenton Municipal Airport project, the 8th Street water main project is 95% complete, the 9th Street water crossing elimination project is progressing and the contractor has started the Normal Street sewer line project. Urton said materials have been ordered to repair a leaking pipe in the pump gallery at the water plant.

Urton also gave a report on operations of the new asphalt plant, noting city officials are quote “working out the bugs.”

A meeting of the Utility Committee has been scheduled for July 23rd at 6 pm.