COVID-19 Update: Livingston County reports 1 death, 11 new cases; Caldwell County 52 cases; 4 cases in Mercer County

COVID-19 or Coronavirus Update

The Livingston County Health Center announces an additional COVID-19-related death, bringing the total to 19.

Eleven new cases were also added for a total of 746. Of the 79 active cases, 56 are in the community, 15 are in facilities, and eight are in schools. There are 20 COVID-19-related hospitalizations for Livingston County.

COVID-19 cases increased by 52 in Caldwell County since November 18th, bringing the total to 460. The health department notes 400 of the cases are confirmed, and 60 are probable. Active cases went up by four to 74. Three hundred eighty-two cases have recovered. Four COVID-19-related deaths have been reported for Caldwell County.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases went up by four in Mercer County since November 23rd, which brings the total to 79. Current probable cases increased by three to 42, while current active cases decreased by four to 15.