Chillicothe Fire Department responds to fire near airport


The Chillicothe Fire Department Monday responded to a report of hay bales on fire along LIV Road 251 which is near the airport.

According to a news release, Harold Dewey was having hay baled in the field by his home when a bearing on the baler failed and over-heated catching two large round bales of hay on fire. The report stated one bale was dropped in the field while a second bale was carried over to a driveway not realizing at the time, that it was on fire. Individuals baling the hay went back to their farm and returned to the scene with equipment to move the bale of hay from the driveway.

The homeowner and fire department personnel sprayed water on the bale to keep it from fully igniting while waiting on the additional equipment to arrive. Once there, the hay bale was moved to the middle of the field where the other bale was burning. The report stated a decision was made to allow the two bales to burn since they were not near anything.

The Chillicothe Fire Department used 750 gallons of water to wet down the areas around the burning bales. Damage was contained to the two bales and the belts of the hay baler. Chillicothe firefighters were at the scene, 13554 LIV Road 251 for nearly an hour and a half Monday.