Chillicothe FIre Department dispatched to Country Club on illegal burn call


The Chillicothe Fire Department Monday evening respond to the Chillicothe Country Club at 1900 Washington for what Captain Tracy Bradley called an illegal burn.

Upon arrival, Captain Bradley reported a 400 square foot area had some debris burning. A two and a half-inch hose was attached to the fire hydrant behind the city swimming pool and approximately ten thousand gallons of water was used to extinguish the flames. Some of the larger logs were removed from the area and piles of debris were spread out. Firefighters noted the piles were still smoldering when they left after being at the scene for about one hour.

This was the second time on Monday that Chillicothe firefighters were dispatched to the Country Club area.

Captain Bradley said a maintenance worker was advised the debris being burned was too large and it needed to be extinguished. Advice was given by the firefighters that Chillicothe city ordinance stipulates areas to be burned are to be no bigger than five by five by five, and that yard waste be no bigger than two inches, and to have a water source available at all times.