Chillicothe City Council approves a multitude of ordinances

Chillicothe City Website 2023
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The Chillicothe City Council approved multiple ordinances on February 26th.

One ordinance amended the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System benefits for public safety departments. City Clerk Amy Hess stated that public safety departments, including 911 dispatchers, were incorporated into the benefits.

Another ordinance authorized a conditional sales agreement with Maxim Golf LLC for the lease purchase of forty 2020 EZGO lithium golf carts. The loan amount is $175,071.78, with an expected payoff period of five years, according to Hess.

Several ordinances involved bid approvals. The council authorized a contract with Aerodynamics Lawn and Tree Cuts for Chillicothe Municipal Utilities tree trimming services, valued at $400,000, after reviewing three submitted bids.

Additionally, an ordinance accepted a bid from Figg Lawn Care for mowing services, covering nuisance properties, the police station, the police shooting range, the fire training center, and any other city-acquired properties. The service fees include $70 per house for small walk-behind mowers and $125 per hour for tackling tall weeds and grass with a tractor mower, with three bids having been submitted.

The council approved a one-year cash-haying contract for approximately ten acres at the Chillicothe Area Industrial Park North along Highway V, accepting Brice Walker’s bid of $80 per acre, the only bid received.

For the demolition of a property at 316 Edgerton Street, which includes potential asbestos removal, Perkins Dozing’s bid of $5,500 was accepted as the sole submission. Hess noted the demolition was due to the property being beyond repair.

An ordinance was established to procure public input for significant disbursements from the Capital Improvement Fund. It mandates that for any proposed expenditure from the Capital Improvement Sales Tax Fund exceeding $100,000, the city must announce the expenditure and conduct a public hearing. The city council will defer action on the expenditure for at least seven days post-hearing.

A historical district overlay was designated for 1111 and 1114 Trenton Street, the location of the Saint Columban Catholic Church and Rectory and Bishop Hogan Memorial School.

The council opted for the Construction Manager at Risk method for the police facility project, facilitating collaboration throughout the design and construction phases by hiring an architecture/engineering team and construction manager under separate contracts.

Additionally, the council endorsed the fire department’s application for an Assistance Firefighter Grant of $700,000, which Hess mentioned would cover the majority of a new pumper truck’s cost.

Annual reviews were conducted, with funding requests from various organizations, including the Chillicothe Area Arts Council for $10,000, Main Street Chillicothe for $35,000, the Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce for $10,000, and the Grand River Multipurpose Center for $61,656. These requests were reviewed without immediate action.

Action was taken by the Chillicothe City Council in an executive session on February 26th.

The council approved the promotion of Police Officer Amanda Bowlen to police detective at $20.87 per hour. The promotion was to take effect immediately.

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