August 4th Primary Election results in northern Missouri

Election Results

Grundy County will have a new commissioner at the first of the year following Businessman Brad Chumbley’s victory Tuesday evening in the Republican primary.

Chumbley received 442 votes to defeat two others. Incumbent Joe Brinser had 296 votes and challenger Martha Roberts received 245. There’s no Democratic opponent for Chumbley in the November general election. 99 absentee ballots were nearly evenly split among the three candidates. But when the polling precincts turned in results, Chumbley won four out of five. He carried 2nd commissioner voting for the polls at NCMC, 1st Christian Church, Spickard, and Laredo.

Brinser had the most 2nd commissioner votes cast at Galt. Receiving the nod from Grundy County Republicans were six unopposed candidates: Don Sager for 1st district commissioner, Rodney Herring for sheriff, Barbara Harris for collector-treasurer, Nathanial Curtis for assessor, Jill Eaton as public administrator, Dewayne Slater for coroner; and Rusty Black of Chillicothe was re-nominated for 7th district representative for Grundy, Livingston, and much of Linn county. None of them has an opponent in November. Grundy county reported a 37 point four (37.4) voter turnout. (2,123 out of 5,676)

The closest contest for the area turned out to be the Republican nomination for Sheriff of Mercer County. Jose Lopez defeated Jimmy See by a very slim margin: 419 to 416. (It’s less than one half percentage point difference). Also in Mercer County, Shane Grooms defeated Justin Porter 327 to 98 for 1st district commissioner.

Livingston county reported a 47 percent voter turnout at Tuesday’s election.

Winning Republican nominations among the races were Alvin Thompson (over Roger Barnes) as 1st district commissioner; Steve Cox (defeated Richard Knouse) for sheriff; Diana Havens (over Kaley Holmes) for collector-treasurer; and Geri Curtis (over Whitney Ballard) for public administrator.

On the questions for the Chillicothe Fire Protection District, incorporation was approved 576 to 441 but the proposed tax levy was defeated 439 to 580. Five persons were elected to the board.

Winning Republican nomination contests for Sullivan County Commissioners were Michael Williams (over Randy Huffman) in the 2nd district and Rye Page (over Colin Sorhus) in the 1st district.

Capturing the Republican nomination as Daviess County Sheriff is Larry Adams Junior who defeated two others (Tyler Miller & Kyle Cornett). Winning the nod for Republican Party Assessor was Aaron Piburn (defeating Joshua Ty Lisle).

Three Republican contests were decided in Harrison County: Mike Smith for north district commissioner; Trevor Place for sheriff; and Lila Craig for assessor.

Winning the Republican nod in Putnam county as east district commissioner was Shane Bradshaw.

Three Republican candidates sought Linn County 1st district commissioner with the race won by Glen Murrain. Kjerstein Parn wins the Republican nod for the assessor.

Among Republicans in Caldwell county, Mitch Allen defeats Incumbent Jerry Galloway for sheriff; and Beth Larkins wins a four-person race for collector-treasurer.

The proposed tax increase for the Golden Age Nursing Home district lost 238 to 288.

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