Audio: Proposed bill seeks to remove caps on fines for endangering highway workers

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(Missourinet) – Higher fines for endangering a highway worker in Missouri would be allowed under a bill filed in the Missouri House. Currently, someone convicted of endangering a highway worker without injury can be fined no more than $1,000, and no more than $5,000 if a highway worker is killed or injured.

The proposal would remove those caps. Mo-DOT director Patrick McKenna urges drivers to be careful when approaching construction zones:



“Slow down going through work zones. There is active work going on and active construction workers in those (areas), and we really do appreciate the public paying attention to those things and keeping themselves safe as well.”

A hearing on the bill has not yet been scheduled. It would also expand the definition of endangering a highway worker to include striking a vehicle, trailer, or other equipment owned by Mo-DOT, a contractor, or a subcontractor.

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