Audio: North Central Missouri College Scholarship Reception, held on Wednesday evening, featured speakers from staff and students

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North Central Missouri College employees spoke at the scholarship reception on the campus in Trenton February 16th.

Student Support Services Assistant Director Tocarra Williams talked about intangible things that scare us, like being the first person in a family to attend college.

Williams, herself, was a first generation college student, and she attended NCMC.

Student Support Services is a federal Trio program that serves first generation college students, low income students, and those with disabilities.



Williams noted that, compared to national statistics, NCMC Student Support Services students earn degrees at nearly a 25% higher rate than their peers in similar situations.

She said a group of first generation college student leaders and friends have started a First Gen Club.



Business Faculty Member Ronda Copple was also a first generation college student. Copple said she felt like she “fell into the trap” of her parents making too much money to qualify for a Pell Grant but not enough to pay for her education.



Practical Nursing to Associate’s Degree in Nursing Online Coordinator Sue Nichols believes community college education is important, especially with scholarship support.

She noted that a few scholarship recipients recognized February 16th were non-traditional students who had other life circumstances or events come before their education.



Nichols mentioned Craig Foster and Terrolyn Milsap, who both received the Elizabeth Barton Scholarship.

Director of Development Alicia Endicott announced that NCMC scholarship applications for the next school year are due in her office by April 1st at 4:30 in the afternoon.

A scholarship committee read almost 400 essays this past year.

Endicott encouraged anyone interested in starting a scholarship to contact her. She can be reached by calling 660-357-1403.

Three scholarship recipients spoke at the North Central Missouri College Scholarship Reception February 16th.

Averi Norris of Hale received the Judge V. C. (Casey) Rose and Dorothy Friedrich Rose Scholarship for Ethics and Good Citizenship.

Norris was the first in her family to go to college, and she found her transition to college challenging.



Taegan Dunks of Jamesport was the recipient of the Jeanette Hoffman Robison Scholarship and the Student Senate Scholarship.

Dunks planned from a young age to be a dental hygienist and attend the University of Missouri—Kansas City. She was nervous, but she thought she would have a “fun-filled” college experience. She liked the environment and that she had made it to her dream college, but she did not feel like she belonged.



Craig Foster of Bethany received the Elizabeth Barton Memorial Scholarship and the Cameron Regional Medical Center Scholarship.

Foster graduated from South Harrison High School in 1990, and his family could not afford for him to go to college at that time.



He has worked almost 30 years in preshospital emergency medical services.

Foster said he discovered that the middle management was younger than him, which meant there was not a lot of ability for upward mobility or possibility for career advancement. He decided to go back to school.

He took one or two courses a semester at NCMC online.



Foster was accepted as a full-time student this fall for the online registered nurse program.

Student Support Services Assistant Director Tocarra Williams, Business Faculty Member Ronda Copple, and Practical Nursing to Associate’s Degree in Nursing Online Nursing Coordinator Sue Nichols also spoke at February 16th’s NCMC Scholarship Reception. They talked about services provided to first generation college students and the importance of a community college education and scholarships.

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