Audio: Drought crisis continues in Missouri, which could prompt legislative action preventing other states from accessing water in Missouri

North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission

(Missourinet) – As drought conditions in Missouri are projected to persist through December, state lawmakers may contemplate introducing drought relief policies in the forthcoming legislative session.

State Rep. Mike Haffner, R-Pleasant Hill, in a discussion with Missourinet, highlighted that deliberations are currently underway at the national level. “There have been some talks going on with some of the other states, especially in places like Colorado, California, that they want access to some of the water that’s available here within the state of Missouri,” Haffner explained. “We want to be very careful of that. We’re working with the Congressional Delegation in Washington, D.C., to make sure that Missouri is protected.”



Serving as the co-chair of the state Legislature’s Joint Committee on Agriculture, Haffner has received updates from the Department of Natural Resources concerning the Mississippi River’s diminished water levels.

“There are already some things that are being done at the federal level,” he continued. “We want to be very cautious and take care of the water supply here in the state of Missouri. We’re very fortunate with the aquifers that we have available to us.”

Haffner emphasized his intention to collaborate closely with Missouri’s Congressional Delegation. One priority is safeguarding the state’s water resources, especially given the significantly reduced levels of the Mississippi River near St. Louis. The river’s stage level is being intentionally decreased further to facilitate crop transportation along the river.

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