Audio: Coon Creek Baptist Church serves almost 1000 meals for Thanksgiving 2020

Coon Creek Baptist Church

The Union Coon Creek Baptist Church west of Trenton served almost 1,000 meals for its Annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 26th.  The pastor’s wife, Dianna Crawford, says things were “a little rough at the beginning” on November 26th because the church did things differently this year.



One hundred forty (140)  meals were picked up at the church with the church preparing sixty-four turkeys, seven or eight cases of gallon cans of green beans, two or three cases of potatoes, about 150 pies, and more than 1,000 rolls.

Church family and community volunteers prepared meals and delivered them.



Crawford says donations are still coming in for the meals. The Union Coon Creek Baptist Church is appreciative of all donations received.

According to Crawford, the church serves its Annual Thanksgiving Dinner to show the glory of Christ and love to the community. It is also about caring for the community.