Audio: Congressman says every agribusiness in Missouri is dealing with worker shortages

Farm Scene

Southeast Missouri Congressman Jason Smith says every agribusiness in the state is dealing with worker shortages.



Smith, a Republican from Salem, says the biggest problem with the worker shortage is the government is paying more people to stay home than it is for them to get a job.

Federal pandemic unemployment insurance ended over the weekend after nearly a year and a half. That means an estimated nine million Americans will lose those benefits, and another three million will see weekly checks reduced by three hundred dollars. The president has encouraged some states to continue helping the long-term unemployed, but administration officials said it was time for enhanced federal aid to end.

Congressman Smith says America is dealing with major worker shortages, including in Missouri’s agriculture sector.



Governor Parson stopped accepting federal pandemic unemployment benefits and said the extra funding has caused worker shortages in Missouri.

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash