Missouri State Auditor releases 2021 property tax rates review

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Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway has released her office’s annual review of local property tax rates. The State Auditor’s Office has reviewed rates each year since 1985 to determine whether they are compliant with state law and to monitor rate adjustments to ensure revenue neutrality, as required by law. The office does not make recommendations on property tax rates or increases.

The report provides property tax rates reported to the State Auditor’s Office for local government entities, such as cities, counties, and school and fire districts. In 2021, staff reviewed 4,854 property tax rates of 2,806 taxing authorities. For the seventh year in a row — and the seventh year overall — the State Auditor’s Office found that no taxing authorities levied a tax rate that exceeded the tax rate certified.

A complete review of 2021 property tax rates is available here.

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