Department of Corrections now reports 44 cases of COVID-19 among offenders in Chillicothe

The Missouri Department of Corrections reports one additional case of COVID-19 among offenders at the Chillicothe Correctional Center. There are now 44 active offender cases and six active staff cases. There are no cases reported as recovered.

The Western Missouri Correctional Center of Cameron has one active staff case and one recovered staff case for a total of two staff cases. No offender cases are reported.

Missouri Department of Corrections Communications Director Karen Pojmann notes one offender case was mistakenly previously reported at the Cameron facility. She apologizes for the error.

Pojmann explains mass testing of staff and offenders at the Western Missouri Correctional Center is scheduled for later this month.

CShe says mass testing helps identify and isolate asymptomatic positives. Offenders are tested on intake and before release, and those who have symptoms or are believed to have been exposed are tested on-site. That type of testing continues before, during, and after mass testing.