Jamesport City Council tackles light agenda at Monday meeting

Jamesport Missouri Website

The Jamesport City Council approved an update to a salary ordinance Monday, July 13th involving a raise approved last month for a utility worker. City Clerk Shelley Page reports Ray Bontrager’s pay was raised from $16 per hour to $16.50 per hour.

The council accepted a bid from Shuler Concrete to compete a street project on Main Street for $7,820.

Resident Wayne Scott discussed the need for more availability for electricity on the park grounds. He said it is becoming difficult to supply electricity to vendors who set up during summer activities. Page is to talk with Park Board President Davey Davis about the situation.

Scott also advised there is an abandoned property south of his residence that is housing skunks, raccoons, and opossums. He said it is becoming a nuisance.

Jamesport resident Sylvia Ableidinger reported a portable building has been placed on her neighbor’s property, and a couple is living in it with an extension cord servicing their electricity. She also advised a mother and daughter were living in a tent on the neighboring property. Both abodes did not have proper water and wastewater facilities.