University of Missouri Extension offers farm lease program on November 10th

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Landowners and renters can learn about farm leases from the University of Missouri Extension specialists 6-9 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 10.

Participants can attend in person or through Zoom, says Joe Koenen, MU Extension agriculture business specialist, and longtime presenter on farm leases. “Open communication is the key,” Koenen says. “Communication helps landlords and tenants find a middle ground for leases and helps both parties understand their responsibilities and rights.”

Topics include current rental rates and trends, items to include in a lease, terminating a lease, recreational leases, and crop and livestock share arrangements.

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service publishes average cash rental rates for farm, forage, and pasture ground each September. MU Extension studies rates every three years.

Ten MU Extension offices will be open for those who wish to attend in person or do not have reliable internet access, Koenen says. With CDC guidelines in place, in-person class sizes are limited. Instructors at each site will provide an opportunity for attendees to interact with presenters.

For details and registration, go to and search for “farm lease.”

Locations of in-person classes:

• West Plains. MU Extension Center in Howell County, 1376 Bill Virdon Blvd.

• Maryville. Nodaway County Administration Building, 403 N. Market St., first-floor meeting room (east entrance).

• Bethany. MU Extension Center in Harrison County, 1505 Main St., courthouse basement.

• Versailles. MU Extension Center in Morgan County, 100 E. Newton St., fourth floor, SIMS Room.

• Marshfield. MU Extension Center in Webster County, 800 S. Marshall St.

• Higginsville. MU Extension Center in Lafayette County, 14 E. 19th St., Suite 102.

• Carrollton. MU Extension Center in Carroll County, 111 N. Mason St., basement.

• St. Joseph. MU Extension Center in Buchanan County, 4125 Michell Ave.

• Macon. MU Extension Center in Macon County, 404 N. Missouri St., Suites AB.

• Unionville. Putnam County Courthouse, 1601 Main St., Old Soldiers Room.