Unemployment rates in north Missouri range from 1.8% to 3.1%

Unemployment rate

Unemployment rates in north Missouri counties are ranging from nearly two percent to just over three percent.

Grundy County is in the middle with the most recent rate being two point five percent. That’s based on 104 people unemployed with a civilian labor force of 4,227. Grundy County’s two and a half percent rate is a little higher than the two-point-three percent in November; however, it’s less than the three and a half percent in December of 2020.

Area counties with unemployment rates at 3% or 3.1% include Sullivan, Linn, and Carroll counties.

Among other counties, their December jobless rates are Clinton at 2.8%, Adair at 2.7%, Caldwell 2.6%, Macon 2.4%, Daviess and Harrison counties are at 2.3%, DeKalb at 2.2%, Livingston and Mercer counties at 2.1% and Putnam County is at 2%.

Worth County is at 1.9% and Gentry County 1.8%.

The State of Missouri’s unemployment rate is 2.7%.

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