THS Alumni Mass Mailing Meeting at Trenton High School postponed

THS Alumni Association

Plans for the February 6, 2022, Mass Mailing Meeting of the Trenton High School Alumni Association have been postponed.

Steve Maxey, Secretary of the Association says that efforts to hold the meeting earlier than normal to allow for the printing of the Alumni News simply has not worked out. Maxey asks that classes who have special reunion plans contact him with details for inclusion in the general mailing and for all classes to submit address changes and updates of alums to Dr. John Holcomb.

“A new date of February 20th is a tentative make-up date for the Mass Mailing, but plans may be altered depending on the COVID-19 status for a group meeting as well as adequate news to complete the general information letter,” says Maxey.

The 2022 Annual Reunion of Trenton High School Alumni is scheduled for September 2, 3, 4, and 5th.

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