Two go before judge in Grundy County court

Court News

Trenton resident William Nicholas Griffin has pleaded guilty to amended charge of second-degree harassment in a misdemeanor case stemming from last July.

A court-approved plea agreement resulted in Griffin being fined $100, ordered to contribute $300 to the Grundy County Law Enforcement Fund, and pay the court costs. The money is to come from the cash bond that had been posted.

Docket information shows the prosecuting attorney agreed not to pursue revocation of Griffin’s probation in two other cases. At a hearing Wednesday for two other cases a misdemeanor assault in the third degree and driving while intoxicated, Griffin admitted to violation of terms of probation because of the guilty plea to stealing. On a plea agreement involving the state and the defendant. the court has reinstated Griffin’s probation and extended it to September of the year 2020.

Trenton resident Stacy Todd Davis had a misdemeanor case from September 11th of last year get certified to the higher court for arraignment next month. Davis also remains charged with second-degree arson stemming from a house fire near Trenton on September 11th. That case also has been continued until the March 14th session of Grundy County Circuit Court.