Trenton Police Department, Trenton Fire Department busy with calls in September. 2023

Emergency Services News Graphic

In September, the Trenton Police Department responded to 898 calls for service and self-initiated activities.

The monthly statistics indicate that officers made 79 field interview contacts and conducted 69 traffic stops. They issued 52 warnings for traffic violations, completed 49 incident or offense reports, issued 37 citations or summons, filed 19 criminal charges from arrests, collected 11 pounds of unwanted prescriptions, made nine suspect arrests, and completed six motor vehicle crash reports.

The communication center fielded 953 non-emergency telephone calls and 347 emergency calls during September. Seventy-six individuals walked in seeking assistance.

In the same month, the Trenton Fire Department addressed 72 service calls. The year-to-date call count stands at 494, marking a decrease of 142 compared to January through September 2022.

The September Run Summary highlights that 34 of these calls were emergencies, including 21 medical assists, four false alarms, and three fires that involved trash, brush, grass, and outdoor equipment. The department also responded to two vehicle fires, two hazardous material incidents, one case of equipment overheating, and one situation involving hazardous conditions.

Additionally, the Trenton Fire Department extended mutual aid on two occasions in September.

The department also managed 36 calls for additional services. These included 11 residential rental inspections, eight public services or community events, six CPR and first aid training sessions, and four rental reinspections. Other activities comprised three fire safety drills, two fire extinguisher training sessions, one airport inspection, and one commercial fire inspection.

Trenton Animal Control responded to 14 animal complaints, issued five verbal warnings, performed four animal welfare checks, impounded three canines, and investigated one animal bite.