Trenton Park Board elects officers, address various agenda items

Moberly Park Trenton Missouri

The Trenton Park Board elected officers on July 7. Curtis Crawford was elected president, Andy Cox was re-elected vice president, and John Hamilton was elected secretary.

City Council Park Board Liaison Marvin Humphreys asked what is being done about a leak at the Rock Barn that he mentioned at a previous meeting. Park Superintendent David Shockley said the leak must be coming from the peak at the top of the roof. He wants to figure out how to get into the attic area.

Trenton City Council Member David Mlika attended the meeting. He said he thought it would be good if someone local would look at the roof. He wondered if there were any vents around the leak. Shockley said he did not think there were.

Crawford commented that someone should look at the roof. He wants to know how much it would cost to make repairs.

Mlika reported about six people told him how disappointed they were with how things looked at Eastside Park before the Fourth of July. He also talked about the tennis courts and walking trail. Shockley noted the tennis courts and Eastside and Moberly parks had been cleaned of storm damage. Weeds in the walking trail would have to be sprayed during a dry period.

Humphreys asked about tree limbs being in the grass at the parks and the limbs needing to be moved for mowing.

Shockley said the Park Department has been busy lately. Humphreys said he had seen two Park Department employees dumping trash cans at the same time. He suggested one thing to save time would be to have only one person at a time dump trash cans.

Crawford said the Street Department gave an estimate last year on replacing asphalt near the Burleigh Grimes Field, and the Park Board approved it at that time. He needed to check on the matter.

The Park Board voted in September to take out the parking lot by the field, make a walking trail, and create a narrow west drive.

Crawford stated he would take inventory of things that need to be addressed involving the parks. He said that the Street Department had done sealing on the walking trail in the past, and parts of it had been replaced. However, work on the walking trail can become expensive.

Shockley reported a Dig Rite ticket was completed on the Eastside Park entrance sign. Digging for the base of the sign is to begin July 12th. It is to be worked on this month. The Park Board voted last month to replace the sign.

Shockley reported the Park Department is checking the pool in the morning and at night to make sure it is ready for patrons each day. A diving board pad was installed.

He said the Chillicothe Mudcats baseball game at Burleigh Grimes last month was well attended, and he called it a success. The field will be marked this week for the American Legion AAA tournament.

The Green Hills Recreation Association and summer soccer finished their seasons. Shockley reported the Park Department painted four soccer fields for four weeks in June.

The department is working to trim spray all facilities and fencing in the park system. It also worked on sharpening mower blades and fixing areas on the mowers during the rainy period.

Shockley expressed appreciation to everyone involved in making the fireworks display a success at the fairgrounds in Trenton on July 2.