Trenton Park Board approves budget

Moberly Park Trenton Missouri

The Trenton Park Board approved its 2018-2019 budget at its meeting Wednesday evening.

The budget includes estimated park expenditures of $290,961.16 and pool expenditures of $261,803. It also includes an estimated income of $552,800. That leaves a total estimated budget surplus of $35.84.

The park budget includes projects relating to the pool; the Rock Barn; Moberly, Eastside, Gladeys Grimes, and the Old Griffin Parks; the walking trails; the 12th Street bathroom; equipment; and repaying the Ebbe Fund for the drainage tube installed at Moberly Park. The total estimated cost for all of the projects is $49,055.

The Park Board awarded a bid for stump removal. The board approved the bid from Custom Tree Care of $2,730 for stump grinding. Park Superintendent Jason Shuler said the Parks Department used Custom Tree Care in the Past and thought the company did a good job.

Other bids for stump removal included Troy George for using a backhoe as well as Marvin Humphrey and Thomas Tree Service for stump grinding. The other bids ranged from $3,870 (Troy George) to $5,688 (Thomas Tree Service). Tree stumps will be removed in Eastside, Moberly, and Lake Parks.

The board approved the request from Sarah Allen and Charity Halstead of Trenton Soccer Stars for permission to use the Old Griffin Field in June and for the Park Board to reimburse the Soccer Stars for marking the fields.

Gary Schuett of the Grounds Committee reported Bill Bear from Rosemary Tree Farm donated two Cleveland Ornamental Pear trees in honor of Arbor Day. He said they were placed in Moberly Park.

Superintendent Shuler reported the Parks Department will plant 10 Wildfire Blackgum trees this spring. He said the department is currently planting the trees in grow pots. They will be placed in the nursery this summer and planted this fall.

Shuler noted the preventative maintenance program for the park equipment has continued. He said the skid loader’s hydraulic driver motors and pumps are being repaired, and the dump truck has a new carburetor.