Trenton Municipal Utilities Water Treatment Plant to begin disinfecting water system on April 16

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The Trenton Municipal Utilities Water Treatment Plant will begin using free chlorine, or a free chlorine conversion, in its water system on April 16th in an effort to improve water quality. This entails feeding free chlorine as the disinfectant leaving the water treatment plant instead of chloramines. It will occur for three to six weeks.

The change will affect customers of TMU, Grundy County Public Water Supply District Number 1, the City of Galt, western Sullivan County, and the City of Spickard.

The water treatment plant reports there are no associated health risks with the process. TMU reports it will monitor disinfectant levels during the conversion.

TMU and/or a water service will attempt to flush the particles, color, taste, and odors from the mains with directional flushing. However color, odor, and tastes may get into service lines. There may also be times of low water pressure. Nuisance issues with odor or taste should go away as the work is completed.

TMU notes the conversion is necessary because minerals and metals, which are naturally present in the water source, can increase over time and attach to pipe walls. They can release when there are changes in pressure, resulting in discoloration and affecting taste and odor. Other processes like nitrification and the growth of biofilm can also occur in the water distribution system. The biofilm can cause a reduction in the effectiveness of residual disinfectants over time. The free chlorine conversion will help cleanse pipe walls, reduce the occurrence of nitrification and biofilm, and help provide quality water.

Questions or concerns should be directed to the TMU Water Treatment Plant at 660-359-3211.

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