Trenton entering 4th week without precipitation

Weather graphic

Trenton has gone 21 days without measurable rain which is the longest period without measurable precipitation in Trenton in more than two years. There was a 30-day dry spell January 22nd through February 20th in 2017.

During the current 21 day dry period, the yearly moisture surplus has decreased by nearly three inches. The surplus was 14.76 inches on June 24th and is now 11.82 inches.

The dry period follows the wettest January through June in Trenton in KTTN weather records since 1970. January through June of this year had 32.36 inches of rain and melted precipitation.

Temperatures this month in Trenton have been near average for highs and about three degrees above normal for lows. Highs have averaged 89 degrees while lows have averaged about 70 degrees.