Trenton City Council meets Monday night with full agenda

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The Trenton City Council last night adopted three ordinances and approved three purchases – one of which is a new asphalt plant.

One of the ordinances adopted allows the water tower painting contractor, already in Trenton, to do additional work yet this year. The change order allows Ozark Applicators, LLC to paint the interior of both Iowa Boulevard and Princeton Road water towers. Repairs and maintenance also are included in the work which the company pledges to complete by November 28.

Additional work will cost over $266,000 consisting of $112,000 painting and $21,100 for maintenance at each location. Ozark already has been working on the exterior painting of the water towers. Ozark has developed a work schedule which allows for all work to be completed this year rather than additional mobilization cost if it was to return to Trenton next year as previously proposed by the city.

The original bid of $661,000 was for exterior work which added $266,000 increasing the overall cost to over $927,000. Rosetta Marsh of Trenton Municipal says the money is there to cover all costs of the project.  Seven hundred thousand of the cost had been budgeted for last year but wasn’t done then due to water tower companies already have schedules in place. Those funds rolled over to the current fiscal year budget. The council approved the change order six to one with Brad Chumbley voting no.

Chumbley indicated his position is based on trying to explain to customers why water rates were increased when the city now says it has the money to pay for the projects. Helping with water revenues was ConAgra continuing to operate the plant and now it’s transitioned to Nestle.

Seven members of the council present unanimously approved an agreement for Olsson and Associates to revise and update plans for the airport apron expansion and taxiway realignment. For the design phase and bidding of the projects, Olsson is to be paid $49,930 of which about $5,000 is the city’s ten-percent share with the balance coming from federal funds.

The other ordinance adopted allows the use of Security Bank of Kansas City as a trustee bank (“middle man”) that’s to receive Trenton payments on the wastewater treatment plant improvements. Security Bank will then transfer funds to the lending bank Cedar Rapids, Iowa Bank and Trust. This involves $2,244,275 worth of certificates of participation. With an interest rate of 4.95%, the city’s additional expense over the course of a 20-year loan would amount to $1,337,114.

The council, on a six to one vote, accepted a bid from ADM for a basic parallel-flow drum asphalt plant. Their bid is $1,135,000. Brad Chumbley voted no as he has done on previous motions relating to the new asphalt plant. Other expenses related to a new plant increases the cost to the projected $1,400,000.

Half of that cost is to come from city reserves with the balance financed over 15 years. Street Supervisor Martin Schieb said the new plant will operate on natural gas which will be cheaper to operate. In his report, Schieb noted the amount of asphalt sold is up by 400 tons as of May 31 – despite motors at the current plant going bad three times.

Bids from two companies were considered for diesel engine oil in 55-gallon barrels. The winning bid from MFA Oil – a local company – was accepted for a total cost of $8,307.

Three companies submitted bids on load tap changer maintenance at the substations. Solomon Corporations low bid, including the use of new oil, is $13,750 and it was accepted by the city council.

The city council was informed that the electric provider at Trenton, NW Coop of Cameron, wants to make some repairs at the substations. Mark Newton of TMU said that when this work is scheduled, the city will need to fire up its generators to keep power going to customers.  A public announcement is to be made when the planned electrical work, and possible outage, is scheduled at Trenton for NW Electric Co-op.

Trenton officials say with a low reservoir level at Milan, the town is increasing its water consumption request for Trenton to provide 200,000 gallons per day.

At the beginning of the council meeting last evening, two presentations occurred. Jim and Mary Drake received a certificate of appreciation for work they’ve done to a house. Larry and Linda Spencer received a key to the city for helping a neighbor with yard work. Spencer stated he thinks citizens should take more pride in their properties.

Council members Travis Elbert and Jen Hottes expressed appreciation to Police Chief Tommy Wright for serving Trenton with integrity and conducting community outreach efforts.

After the public meeting ended at 8:45 pm the city council went into closed executive session for what the agenda listed as personnel. Larry Crawford was absent.

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