Trenton Building and Nuisance Board identifies seven properties for demolition

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

Seven houses are scheduled to be demolished following actions Monday night of the Trenton Building and Nuisance Board and the Trenton City Council.

Those locations include 1409 Lulu belonging to Russell and Bea Shaw; 701 East 6th Street – property of Jim and Mary Drake; 1314 Norton belonging to Bret and Penny Buswell; as well as 1802 Carnes – property of Ronnie McLain. Those four have agreed to personally pay the inspection fee plus their share of the demolition costs in a joint arrangement with the city. Collectively, the city is to be reimbursed $10,250.

Three other housing demolitions have the city absorbing all costs. Those are at 1307 Harris Avenue belonging to Ty Bush; 1415 Lulu Street – property of Darrell and Amanda Williams; and tentatively, 402 West 12th Street which belongs to Crystal Orr. It will cost $16,750 for the city to pay all expenses on behalf of those who aren’t. Building Inspector Wes Barone noted while Ms. Orr has verbally agreed to sign a document to allow the demolition, the city has not yet received a signature. The form was mailed to her in Atlanta, Missouri on Monday where she now resides. As a substitute, in case 402 West 12th does not get demolished with this round of work, the next one proposed for demolition is 200 West 7th belonging to Karen Todd.

The total net cost to the city – including the Crystal Orr property – is $29,336. That includes the city’s portion of demolition costs, inspection fee, hazardous material abatement, and legal advertising fees. Derrick Fee and his Red Rock Company were previously selected for the demolition of buildings.

The building board recommended, and the city council later approved, the low bid from Forefront Environmental for asbestos removal at two demolition locations 1307 Harris Avenue and 402 West 12th Street. Total cost is $2,597. Two other bids were considered– one that was twice the low bid and the other was six times greater than the low bid. Forefront has done asbestos abatement work before.

Several properties were reviewed last evening by five members attending the Building and Nuisance Board meeting. 912 West 14th Street has a garage that will be placed on a declaration of a nuisance and 405 West 13th Street advances to a public hearing with 1302 East 8th Street moving to findings of fact.

Eight other properties were granted extensions of 60 days to allow for progress to be made. These include 2904 Mable; 1814 Hillcrest; 1011 Custer; and 2002 Chicago. The property at 409 East 19th is said to be under contract to be sold. 1437 Main Street has the owners scheduling Perkins and Sons to demolish the fire-damaged house and garage.

New owners for 812 Grant Street attended the meeting and received a 60-day extension to begin improvements. It was noted the new owners are from Claremont and purchased the house the day before the city was going to issue a certificate of a dangerous building. With the change in ownership, the process starts over at 812 Grant reverting to a declaration of a nuisance. Building Inspector Wes Barone was allowed 30 days to contact the owners of 813 Olive regarding the status of finishing up recommended improvements.