Trenton Administrative Committee to recommend contract with Green Hills Animal Shelter to city council

Trenton Municipal Utilities

Approximately 20 people gathered in the city council chambers Tuesday night to hear discussion on animal boarding proposals from two entities, the Green Hills Animal Shelter and one from Doctor Dale Alumbaugh doing business as Affordable Vet Care.

Much of the discussion with city councilmen, including members of the Administrative Committee, focused on the Green Hills Animal Shelter as well as its efforts to assist the city in starting a trap neuter release program for feral cats.

Speaking for the animal shelter board, Tim Michael, said the proposal has been revised to waive the previously-requested $2,200 administrative fee but maintain the $18.00 per day holding fee for animals picked up within Trenton.  Using an accumulated 900 days based on the past contract, the new amount would be $16,200. If realized, that would be an increase of $2,500 when comparing what the city currently budgets, to what the new budget would show.

Additional information was shared last night with city officials to clarify minor medical attention for the city animals would cost no more than $20.00, and the animal shelter offered to partner with the city of Trenton to control the community cat population.

Information was presented explaining how the process works for the trap neuter release. Included was a rate of $65.00 to spay or a $35.00 to neuter versus $90.00 per animal for a five-day hold. Benefits were outlined for the city, the community and the animals, noting in time, the feral cat population will get reduced.

The other proposal came from Doctor Dale Alumbaugh. Quoting from the written document, he proposed charging a daily fee of $10.00 for dogs and $6.00for cats. His quote on rabies hold was $15.00 for dogs and $10.00 for cats. It listed euthanizing and disposal of animals at $25.00 each. NO ONE present for the committee meeting spoke on Alumbaugh’s behalf.

Several representatives of Green Hills Animal Shelter reiterated their concern for the welfare of all animals; striving to adopt them out; and avoid euthanization.

Amid discussions with the council members and the public, committee member Jennifer Hottes made a motion to recommend to the full city council, acceptance of a revised Green Hills Animal Shelter contract removing the administrative fee and taking steps to initiate a trap neuter release program for cats.

The recommendation passed three to one with Hottes, Glen Briggs, and Dave Mlika in favor, Lou Fisher voted no. He had questioned why bids were not sought on the boarding of animals picked up in the city. The city administrator, Ron Urton, described them as proposals. As is the practice, both proposals will be presented to the full council with the committee’s preference for Green Hills Animal Shelter.

All eight of the city council members were present for the meeting, however, just four of them voted since it was a committee meeting.