Swan Lake Wildlife Refuge to hold “First Friday” event July 1st with eagles

Swan Lake amphitheater

Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge south of Sumner is hosting “First Fridays At The Refuge.” A program focused on activities in a family-friendly atmosphere.

The next “First Friday” is slated for July 1st when live bald and golden eagles from the Dickerson Park Zoo are to be at the refuge amphitheater at 7 o’clock. Other activities include archery, a prairie maze, a birders quest, canoeing, and a turtle tank. The observation tower, visitors center , and gift shop also will be open.

The hours the evening of July 1st are from 5 until 8:30 at the refuge visitor center area.

Hot dogs and soft drinks are to be served by the Mendon Lions Club.

The refuge is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.