Public hearing on Trenton R-9 School tax levy to be held August 9

Trenton R-9 School District

A public hearing on the Trenton R-9 School District tax levy will be held just minutes prior to the August 9th board of education meeting.

The hearing at the district office on Normal Street begins at 5:25 that afternoon with the regular agenda items to begin at 5:30. Information on the agenda will be released later.

The proposed new tax levy for the Trenton R-9 school district is almost the same as the past years’ rate. The proposed levy totals about $4.2754 on the hundred dollars of assessed valuation. That would be a fraction less than last year when the levy was just over $4.2812.

It’s a difference of one-half of a cent that’s within the incidental fund. The debt service levy, included in the total, remains at ninety cents.

Assessed valuation for the Trenton School District is down by approximately $381,000 when compared to last year. The new assessed valuation tops $75,018,000. That compares to $75,400,000 in the previous year.

The R-9 assessed valuation figures include over $472,000 dollars in new construction and improvements.

The new levy is projected to generate more than $3,207,000 of tax revenue for the Trenton R-9 school district.

The complete notice of the open public meeting is available for viewing on the Trenton R-9 school district website. The Board agenda for the upcoming meeting may be seen by CLICKING HERE.