NCMC Board of Trustees set tax levy at Tuesday meeting

NCMC Geyer Hall

Five National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development Excellence Awards were presented at the North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday evening.

The NISOD Awards went to Cory Cooksey with Business Technology for Teaching, Health Sciences Program Coordinator Kristi Cutsinger for Academic Support, Admissions Director Kristie Cross for Student Affairs, Senior Database Administrator Tami Campbell for Information Technology, and Physical Plant Director Randy Young for Business and Facilities.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Doctor Tristan Londre named the recipients. Chief of Staff Kristi Harris presented the winners with medals and certificates.

Doctor Lenny Klaver reported fall enrollment is “down a little bit,” with Londre noting the drop was in dual credit students who come to NCMC the next year after graduating from high school. He said some of the dual credit students might graduate with an associate’s degree when they graduate from high school and go straight to a four-year school. Klaver explained some students at NCMC take classes for no credit and NCMC’s drop in enrollment follows the national trend.

The number of high school graduates is going down in the United States and NCMC could possibly gain more students in the second eight-week courses. Klaver noted it would be very important to stick to the budget.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Doctor Kristen Alley reported 22 students were suspended from financial aid and 21 international students enrolled. A Student Senate meeting will be held on Wednesday with Katie Blanchard as the Student Senate president.

Alley introduced Dance Wave Head Coach Melissa Spencer and said she is doing a “great job” with the dance team. Spencer said there are 12 girls on the team and Klaver said he is looking forward to seeing the dance team’s performances.

Green Hills Head Start Director Janet Gott reported all of the Green Hills Head Start centers are now running, and all positions have been filled. Two hundred twenty-seven students were accepted, 172 were enrolled, and 119 were waitlisted. Gott said some of the waitlisted students are over-income.

Chief of Staff Kristi Harris reported there were six resignations for the 2018-2019 school year. That is half the number (12) of resignations as in the 2015-2016 school year. Her information did not include Green Hills Head Start. She said the college is “doing great” with the retention of full-time employees noting most of the employees who are leaving are females, classified staff, and those employed three years or less. Most of those who leave say they left due to other employment.

Development Director Alicia Endicott presented information on the Development Office. She said several changes were made to the NCMC website to try to get out more information about the Alumni Association and giving opportunities. She wants to engage alumni and students as much as possible by participating in events. A Dessert Social will be held for the college and the public September 11th. Student Senate Homecoming and Alumni Appreciation for this school year will be January 22.

Endicott noted there are 18 on the NCMC Foundation Board of Directors with the Foundation hosting various events throughout the year. A free estate planning seminar will be October 23 and a scholarship reception will be held March 25th, 2020.

Endicott said there are 56 general scholarships and 11 allied health scholarships. Eighty more scholarship applications have been submitted this year than this time last year. Approximately $1,900,000 has been raised in scholarships since 2013.

An open house for Cross Hall will be October 24th, 2019. Endicott said the Voyage Fund started about 30 days after she began her position as Development Director at NCMC in 2017. The Voyage Fund involves unrestricted giving. The Foundation’s Pirate Ball will be February 29th, 2020.

The Board of Trustees set the tax levy for 2019 at 39.07 cents per $100 of assessed valuation, which is 52-hundredths of a cent higher than last year’s rate. The levy would generate $369,162.37 in local tax revenue at a 100% collection rate. The total adjusted assessed valuation for NCMC for the 2019 tax year is $94,487,421, which is up by $508,924 from last year.

The total adjusted assessed valuation includes real estate and personal property. Property tax revenues budgeted for 2019 total $342,500. Those include general, delinquent taxes, surtax, financial institution tax, and railroad and utility tax funds.

The board approved President Doctor Lenny Klaver’s request for naming The Learning Commons in Geyer Hall after brothers Franklin and Frederick Bosley. Klaver said the Bosleys made a large donation to the Geyer Hall project and one of the largest donations ever to Trenton Junior College/North Central Missouri College. The Learning Commons consists of the library, tutoring center, and Student Support Services. It will now be called The Franklin and Frederick Bosley Learning Commons.

Brandon Gossett of Peru, Nebraska was approved as a full-time Residence Life Coordinator and Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at a salary of $35,500 annually. He began the position on August 12th. Merribeth Copeland of Trenton was approved as a full-time Financial Aid Representative at a rate of $13.04 per hour. She will begin the position on September 16th. Green Hills Head Start employments included Emily Gladbach as Brookfield A Center teacher, Kelli Adams as a teacher aid at Trenton, and Morgan Kornburst as a teacher aid at Brookfield B. Head Start Director Janet Gott said Gladbach and Adams started August 7 and Kornburst began July 29th.

The Board of Trustees approved the Green Hills Head Start Community Assessment. The document was updated to reflect data from the 2018-2019 school year. Head Start Director Sue Ewigman reported the Community Assessment showed Head Start has more competition than in the past.

Twenty-nine Hewlett-Packard EliteDesk 705 G1 Microtower Computers were declared as surplus property. Chief Information Officer Jennifer Triplett said she wants to possibly sell them to area schools.

The North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees took action on a real estate matter during an executive session Tuesday evening.

According to the Missouri Sunshine Law, information “shall be made public upon execution of the lease, purchase, or sale of the real estate.” Board Secretary/Clerk Vicki Weaver says she will release information at that time.

The board also discussed legal and personnel matters during the executive session.