Missouri prisons reported to still be plagued by corrosive culture; Department says changes in progress

Missouri Department of Corrections

(Missourinet) – Some inmates and former employees say the Missouri prison system is still plagued by a corrosive culture of intimidation and retaliation that came to light almost two years ago.

Gary Gross with the Corrections Officers Association says changes made under new leadership, including a 24-hour hotline for disgruntled employees, haven’t been effective.



Caroline Giammanco (GEE-uh-MAUHN-co) is a former teacher at the South Central Correctional Center in Licking. She tells Missourinet there’s culture of fear and retaliation that starts with top administrators, describing a system in which employees are pitted against each other.



Prison system director Anne Precythe, who’s been on the job since early 2017, says she’s made changes that’ll improve prison culture and morale over time.



Prison system director Anne Precythe says she’s making changes that’ll eventually eliminate the persistent culture of harassment, intimidation, and retaliation.