MFA Incorporated announces new board members

MFA Incorporated

MFA Incorporated announces three new directors have been elected to its board. MFA member-owner delegates elected the board members at district meetings held across Missouri during the last week of February. New members include Frank Schieber of Stanberry, Mo., to rep­resent District 1; Craig Lambert of Pattonsburg, Mo., to represent District 4; and Dwayne Schad of Versailles, Mo., to represent District 8.

“We are pleased to welcome three new directors to the board and especially value the farming experience and insight they will bring on behalf of all of our members,” said MFA Incorporated President and CEO Ernie Verslues. “Guidance and input from our farmer-owners is a critical resource as MFA continues to develop relationships with farmers to that bring solutions to their operations.”

Frank Schieber runs a diversified farming operation with row crops, hay, pasture, and beef cattle and has been a member of MFA since 1983. He replaces outgoing director Barry Kagay of Amity, Mo., whose term ends this March.

Craig Lambert will fill the position vacated by Carlton Spencer of Faucett, Mo. A member of MFA since 1980, Lambert and his two daughters raise row crops and hay and run a cow/calf operation.

Dwayne Schad replaces Davis Callis of Sedalia, Mo., whose term ends in March. Schad runs a diversified row-crop, hay, and beef cattle operation and has been a patron and member of MFA for more than 45 years, first purchasing inputs for his high school FFA project in the early 1970s.

Also re-elected to their positions on the MFA board were Don Schlesselman of Concordia, Mo., District 5, and Wayne Nichols of Pomona, Mo., District 13, who serves as board chairman. Nichols said that the commitment each producer brings to the board helps inform the cooperative about its members’ needs.

“Agriculture is a fast-changing business but one that is intertwined with rural communities and a way of life. One thing MFA members can count on is that their board carefully evaluates the cooperative’s opportunities and commitments. We are happy to welcome our new members to join us in those tasks,” he said.

Members of the corporate board are eligible to serve three-year terms and are limited to four consecutive terms.