Hy-Vee to provide free A1C screenings

Health News

In honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month, Hy-Vee, Inc. will provide free Hemoglobin A1C screenings throughout its eight-state region during the month of November.

The free Hemoglobin A1C screenings will be offered on a first-come, first served basis at the Hy-Vee Healthy You Mobiles in 168 Hy-Vee store parking lots. Hy-Vee registered dietitians will conduct a simple blood test, and review the results with individuals immediately following the test.

Hemoglobin A1C is a blood test that individuals living with diabetes use to manage their blood glucose levels, and provides information about an individual’s average levels of blood glucose over a two- to three-month period.

The following organizations helped make the screenings possible: Cabot, Chobani, Dexcom, McKesson, Novo Nordisk, Omax Health, OneTouch, Smart Chicken, Sola and Stemilt.

Screening dates and times at the following locations include:

Watertown, South Dakota1320 9th Ave., S.E.Tuesday, Nov. 68 a.m.-Noon
Brookings, South Dakota790 22nd Ave., STuesday, Nov. 64-8 p.m.
Springfield, Illinois2115 S. Macarthur Blvd.Tuesday, Nov. 68 a.m.-Noon
Bloomington, Illinois1403 N. Veterans ParkwayTuesday, Nov. 64-8 p.m.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska16418 Westside DriveTuesday, Nov. 68 a.m.-Noon
Papillion, Nebraska11650 S. 73rd St.Tuesday, Nov. 64-8 p.m.
Topeka, Kansas2951 S.W. Wanamaker RoadTuesday, Nov. 68 a.m.-Noon
Waterloo, Iowa2834 Ansborough Ave.Tuesday, Nov. 68 a.m.-Noon
Waterloo, Iowa1422 Flammang DriveTuesday, Nov. 64-8 p.m.
West Des Moines, Iowa1700 Valley West DriveTuesday, Nov. 68 a.m.-Noon
West Des Moines, Iowa1725 Jordan Creek ParkwayTuesday, Nov. 64-8 p.m.
West Des Moines, Iowa1990 Grand Ave.Wednesday, Nov. 78 a.m.-Noon
Faribault, Minnesota1920 Grant St., N.W.Wednesday, Nov. 78 a.m.-Noon
Marshall, Minnesota900 E. Main St.Wednesday, Nov. 78 a.m.-Noon
Peoria, Illinois4125 N. Sheridan Road, Unit 20Wednesday, Nov. 78 a.m.-Noon
Peoria, Illinois7610 N. Orange Prairie RoadWednesday, Nov. 74-8 p.m.
West Des Moines, Iowa375 S. Jordan Creek ParkwayWednesday, Nov. 74-8 p.m.
Macomb, Illinois1600 E. Jackson St.Thursday, Nov. 88 a.m.-Noon
Quincy, Illinois1400 Harrison St.Thursday, Nov. 84-8 p.m.
Worthington, Minnesota1235 Oxford St.Thursday, Nov. 88 a.m.-Noon
Manhattan, Kansas601 Third PlaceThursday, Nov. 88 a.m.-Noon
Sioux Falls, South Dakota1601 S. Sycamore Ave.Thursday, Nov. 84-8 p.m.
Coralville, Iowa1914 8th St.Friday, Nov. 98 a.m.-Noon
Coralville, Iowa3285 Crosspark RoadFriday, Nov. 94-8 p.m.
Des Moines, Iowa2540 E. Euclid Ave.Friday, Nov. 98 a.m.-Noon
Des Moines, Iowa3221 S.E. 14th St.Friday, Nov. 94-8 p.m.
Rochester, Minnesota4221 W. Circle Drive, N.W.Friday, Nov. 98 a.m.-Noon
Rochester, Minnesota500 37th St., N.W.Friday, Nov. 94-8 p.m.
Kansas City, Missouri207 N.E. Englewood RoadFriday, Nov. 98 a.m.-Noon
Kansas City, Missouri5330 N.W. 64th St.Friday, Nov. 94-8 p.m.
Omaha, Nebraska5150 Center St.Friday, Nov. 98 a.m.-Noon
Omaha, Nebraska14591 Stony Brook Blvd.Friday, Nov. 94-8 p.m.
Sioux Falls, South Dakota3000 S. Minnesota Ave.Friday, Nov. 98 a.m.-Noon
Des Moines, Iowa1107 E. Army Post RoadSaturday, Nov. 108 a.m.-Noon
Eagan, Minnesota1500 Central Park Cmns Dr.Saturday, Nov. 108 a.m.-Noon
Cottage Grove, Minnesota7280 E. Point Douglas Road, S.Saturday, Nov. 104-8 p.m.
Kansas City, Missouri8301 N. Saint Clair Ave.Saturday, Nov. 108 a.m.-Noon
Independence, Missouri1525 E. 23rd St., SSaturday, Nov. 104-8 p.m.
Omaha, Nebraska8809 W. Center RoadSaturday, Nov. 108 a.m.-Noon
Sioux Falls, South Dakota1900 S. Marion RoadSaturday, Nov. 108 a.m.-Noon
Sioux Falls, South Dakota3020 E. 10th St.Saturday, Nov. 104-8 p.m.
Waukee, Iowa1005 E. Hickman RoadSaturday, Nov. 104-8 p.m.
Mason City, Iowa551 S. Illinois Ave.Monday, Nov. 128 a.m.-Noon
Iowa City, Iowa1125 N. Dodge St.Monday, Nov. 128 a.m.-Noon
Windom, Minnesota192 10th St.Tuesday, Nov. 138 a.m.-2 p.m.
Urbandale, Iowa8701 Douglas Ave.Tuesday, Nov. 138 a.m.-Noon
Johnston, Iowa5750 Merle Hay RoadTuesday, Nov. 134-8 p.m.
Marion, Iowa3600 Business Hwy 151 E.Tuesday, Nov. 138 a.m.-Noon
Cedar Rapids, Iowa1843 Johnson Ave., N.W.Tuesday, Nov. 134-8 p.m.
Omaha, Nebraska9707 Q St.Tuesday, Nov. 138 a.m.-Noon
Omaha, Nebraska747 N. 132nd St.Tuesday, Nov. 134-8 p.m.
St. Joseph, Missouri201 N. Belt HighwayTuesday, Nov. 138 a.m.-Noon
Liberty, Missouri109 N. Blue Jay DriveTuesday, Nov. 134-8 p.m.
Ames, Iowa3800 Lincoln WayWednesday, Nov. 148 a.m.-Noon
Ames, Iowa640 Lincoln WayWednesday, Nov. 144-8 p.m.
Independence, Missouri4545 S. Noland RoadWednesday, Nov. 148 a.m.-Noon
Gladstone, Missouri7117 N. ProspectWednesday, Nov. 144-8 p.m.
Oakdale, Minnesota7180 10th St., N.Wednesday, Nov. 148 a.m.-Noon
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota9409 Zane Ave., N.Wednesday, Nov. 144-8 p.m.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa279 Collins Road, N.E.Wednesday, Nov. 148 a.m.-Noon
Cedar Rapids, Iowa20 Wilson Ave., S.W.Wednesday, Nov. 144-8 p.m.
Omaha, Nebraska17810 Welch PlazaWednesday, Nov. 148 a.m.-Noon
Omaha, Nebraska3410 N. 156th St.Wednesday, Nov. 144-8 p.m.
Vermillion, South Dakota525 W. Cherry St.Wednesday, Nov. 148 a.m.-Noon
Cedar Rapids, Iowa3235 Oakland Road, N.E.Thursday, Nov. 158 a.m.-Noon
Cedar Rapids, Iowa4035 Mount Vernon Road, S.E.Thursday, Nov. 154-8 p.m.
Overland Park, Kansas8501 W. 95th St.Thursday, Nov. 158 a.m.-Noon
Prairie Village, Kansas7620 State Line RoadThursday, Nov. 154-8 p.m.
Marshalltown, Iowa802 S. Center St.Thursday, Nov. 158 a.m.-Noon
Shakopee, Minnesota1451 Adams St., S.Thursday, Nov. 158 a.m.-Noon
New Hope, Minnesota8200 42nd Ave., N.Thursday, Nov. 154-8 p.m.
Omaha, Nebraska1000 S. 178th St.Thursday, Nov. 158 a.m.-Noon
Lincoln, Nebraska5010 O St.Thursday, Nov. 154-8 p.m.
Windsor Heights, Iowa7101 University Ave.Thursday, Nov. 154-8 p.m.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa5050 Edgewood Road, N.E.Friday, Nov. 168 a.m.-Noon
Knoxville, Iowa809 W. Rock Island St.Friday, Nov. 168 a.m.-Noon
Blue Springs, Missouri625 W. Highway 40Friday, Nov. 168 a.m.-Noon
Lincoln, Nebraska5020 N. 27th St.Friday, Nov. 168 a.m.-Noon
Lincoln, Nebraska1601 N. 84th St.Friday, Nov. 164-8 p.m.
Mission, Kansas6655 Martway St.Friday, Nov. 164-8 p.m.
Robbinsdale, Minnesota3505 Bottineau Blvd.Friday, Nov. 168 a.m.-Noon
Savage, Minnesota6150 Egan DriveFriday, Nov. 164-8 p.m.
Overland Park, Kansas8900 W. 135 St.Saturday, Nov. 178 a.m.-Noon
Belton, Missouri1307 East North Ave.Saturday, Nov. 174-8 p.m.
Dubuque, Iowa2395 N.W. ArterialSaturday, Nov. 178 a.m.-Noon
Dubuque, Iowa400 S. Locust St.Saturday, Nov. 174-8 p.m.
Lincoln, Nebraska7151 Stacy LaneSaturday, Nov. 178 a.m.-Noon
Lincoln, Nebraska6001 Village DriveSaturday, Nov. 174-8 p.m.
Mankato, Minnesota410 S. Riverfront DriveSaturday, Nov. 178 a.m.-Noon
Newton, Iowa1501 1st Ave., ESaturday, Nov. 178 a.m.-Noon
Grinnell, Iowa320 W. St., SSaturday, Nov. 174-8 p.m.
Pella, Iowa118 S.E. 9th St.Monday, Nov. 198 a.m.-Noon
Springfield, Missouri1720 West Battlefield RoadMonday, Nov. 198 a.m.-Noon
Mankato, Minnesota2010 Adams St.Monday, Nov. 198 a.m.-Noon
Albia, Iowa301 Highway 34 W.Tuesday, Nov. 208 a.m.-Noon
Corydon, Iowa105 E. Jackson St.Tuesday, Nov. 204-8 p.m.
Fitchburg, Wisconsin2920 Fitchrona RoadTuesday, Nov. 208 a.m.-Noon
Columbia, Missouri405 E. Nifong Blvd.Tuesday, Nov. 208 a.m.-Noon
Columbia, Missouri25 Conley RoadTuesday, Nov. 204-8 p.m.
Norfolk, Nebraska120 E Norfolk Ave.Tuesday, Nov. 208 a.m.-Noon
Norfolk, Nebraska2107 Taylor Ave.Tuesday, Nov. 204-8 p.m.
Chariton, Iowa2001 Court Ave.Wednesday, Nov. 218 a.m.-Noon
Grand Island, Nebraska115 Wilmar Ave.Wednesday, Nov. 218 a.m.-Noon
Madison, Wisconsin3801 E. Washington St.Wednesday, Nov. 218 a.m.-Noon
Creston, Iowa600 Sheldon St.Monday, Nov. 268 a.m.-Noon
Corning, Iowa300 10th St.Monday, Nov. 264-8 p.m.
Kearney, Nebraska5212 3rd Ave.Monday, Nov. 268 a.m.-Noon
Peru, Illinois1651 Midtown RoadMonday, Nov. 268 a.m.-Noon
Sycamore, Illinois2700 Dekalb Ave.Monday, Nov. 264-8 p.m.
Winona, Minnesota1475 Service DriveMonday, Nov. 268 a.m.-Noon
Rochester, Minnesota500 Crossroads Drive, S.W.Monday, Nov. 264-8 p.m.
Clarinda, Iowa1200 South 16th St.Tuesday, Nov. 278 a.m.-Noon
Lakeville, Minnesota16150 Pilot Knob RoadTuesday, Nov. 278 a.m.-Noon
Moline, Illinois750 42nd Ave. DriveTuesday, Nov. 278 a.m.-Noon
Clarinda, Iowa1200 S. 16th St.Tuesday, Nov. 278 a.m.-Noon
Chillicothe, Missouri1210 Washington St.Tuesday, Nov. 274-8 p.m.
Columbus, Nebraska3010 23rd St.Tuesday, Nov. 278 a.m.-Noon
Rock Island, Illinois2930 18th Ave.Tuesday, Nov. 274-8 p.m.
Davenport, Iowa2351 W. Locust St.Wednesday, Nov. 288 a.m.-Noon
Davenport, Iowa4064 E. 53rd St.Wednesday, Nov. 284-8 p.m.
Owatanna, Minnesota1620 S. Cedar Ave.Wednesday, Nov. 288 a.m.-Noon
Austin, Minnesota1307 18th Ave., N.W.Wednesday, Nov. 284-8 p.m.
Fremont, Nebraska840 E. 23rd St.Wednesday, Nov. 288 a.m.-Noon
Ottumwa, Iowa1025 N. Quincy Ave.Wednesday, Nov. 288 a.m.-Noon
Olathe, Kansas14955 W. 151st St.Wednesday, Nov. 288 a.m.-Noon
Ottumwa, Iowa2453 N. CourtWednesday, Nov. 284-8 p.m.
Council Bluffs, Iowa2323 West BroadwayThursday, Nov. 298 a.m.-Noon
Council Bluffs, Iowa1745 Madison Ave.Thursday, Nov. 294-8 p.m.
Davenport, Iowa1823 E. Kimberly RoadThursday, Nov. 298 a.m.-Noon
Bettendorf, Iowa2900 Devil’s Glen RoadThursday, Nov. 294-8 p.m.
Oskaloosa, Iowa110 S. D St.Thursday, Nov. 298 a.m.-Noon
New Ulm, Minnesota2015 S. Broadway St.Thursday, Nov. 298 a.m.-Noon
Olathe, Kansas18101 W. 119th St.Thursday, Nov. 298 a.m.-Noon
Fairmont, Minnesota907 S. State St.Thursday, Nov. 294-8 p.m.
Indianola, Iowa910 N. JeffersonThursday, Nov. 294-8 p.m.
Chariton, Iowa2001 Court Ave.Friday, Nov. 308 a.m.-Noon
Charles City, Iowa901 Kelly St.Friday, Nov. 308 a.m.-Noon
Milan, Illinois201 10th Ave., WFriday, Nov. 308 a.m.-Noon
Muscatine, Iowa2400 2nd Ave.Friday, Nov. 304-8 p.m.
Trenton, Missouri1617 E 9th St.Friday, Nov. 308 a.m.-Noon