Grundy County Local Emergency Planning Committee meets

Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Grundy County Local Emergency Planning Committee discussed updating the emergency operations plan during the Emergency Management Agency part of its meeting.

Matt Walker and Glen Briggs will take the lead on rewriting and updating the plan to an emergency support functions format. They believe the new format will make the document a more usable tool for emergency responders.

Region H HazMat Team Director Bill Brinton talked about plans for the new hazardous materials building, including the location, furnishings, layout, and future plans for use. There are plans to reinstate a hazmat board.

Trenton Fire Chief Brandon Gibler reported survey work has begun on the training ground to develop a master plan for the area.

During the Local Emergency Planning Committee part of the meeting, Glen Briggs reported there was an unknown chemical spill at the railroad and that a private contractor cleaned up the spill.