Grundy County crop progress report shows little change

Grundy County’s crop progress report indicates topsoil moisture supplies have improved, however, recent rains did little to replenish the subsoil moisture.

The latest report released Monday shows topsoil moisture at 60 percent short to very short which compares to 90 percent short to very short in a previous report. 40 percent of the topsoil moisture is now listed as adequate (up from 10% previously)

The subsoil moisture levels remained the same as previously reported at 80 percent short to very short and just 20 percent adequate.

Crop conditions are unchanged with Grundy County corn is listed at 15 percent poor, 35 percent fair, and 45 percent good. Soybeans are ten percent poor, and equal amounts of 45 percent are fair and good. The report shows ten percent of the corn has matured. Just about all the soybeans are blooming and setting pods.

Pasture conditions are 30 percent poor, 40 percent fair, and ten percent good.

Hay supplies are 65 percent short to very short. Stock water supplies are 60 percent short to very short.