Grundy County Commission accepts bids

Grundy County Missouri Courthouse

The Grundy County Commission accepted bids for fuel, pipes, and concrete Tuesday morning.

The Commission accepted bids from Landes Oil of Trenton and MFA Oil of Trenton for five cents off the pump price per gallon for gasoline and diesel.

It accepted the bid from Owens Trenching and Tile of Laredo for polyethylene pipe ranging in price from $4.04 to $74.88 per foot depending on the diameter and length of the pipe.

The bid from Metal Culverts of Jefferson City for metal pipes was accepted with the price ranging from $8.19 to $244.20 per linear foot depending on the diameter, gauge, and type of metal pipe. The accepted bids for pipe were the lowest submitted. Metal Culverts also submitted a bid for polyethylene pipe. Viebrock Sales and Service of Sedalia submitted bids for both types of pipe.

The Grundy County Commission also accepted the bid from Fischer Concrete Services of Sedalia for $106.50 per yard for five bag cement mix and $132 per yard for eight bag cement mix.

It was the only bid submitted for concrete.