Grundy County Annual Delinquent Tax Sale set for August 24, 2020

Delinquent Tax Sale

As of the morning of Friday, August 14th, 101 properties are listed for the Grundy County Annual Delinquent Tax Sale later this month. The sale will begin at the courthouse in Trenton the morning of August 24th at 10 o’clock.

Properties with three years of back taxes due are offered in what is called the first sale. Those with four years of back taxes due are available for the second sale. Properties with five years of delinquent taxes are offered as a third sale.

Collector-Treasurer Barbara Harris says each property has to sell for the amount of taxes against it. Those that do not will make it to the fourth sale and can be sold for any amount. A subsequent sale will follow.

Harris requests persons interested in being a possible bidder at the tax sale to come to the Collector-Treasurer’s Office in the courthouse August 21st or when it opens the morning of August 24th. Those who come to the office will be assigned a number with which to bid. Information will also be obtained in advance, including names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Of the 101 properties to be offered at the delinquent tax sale August 24th, 41 are at Leisure Lake. Twenty-one of those are listed for first sale, 10 for second, and 10 for third sale. Trenton Township has 35 listed, with 23 for first sale, nine second, and three third sale. Franklin Township has nine total listed, Wilson six, Liberty seven, Harrison two, and Lincoln one.