Governor Parson grants 10 pardons

Pardon Granted news graphic
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Governor Mike Parson has granted 10 pardons pursuant to Article IV, Section 7 of the Constitution of the State of Missouri. Official documents have been filed with the appropriate government agencies and are being sent to the individuals.

To review the names of the individuals granted clemency, please see attached. Governor Parson has instructed his legal team to continue reviewing clemency files and working to reduce the backlog inherited by his administration.

Those granted pardons are:

  1.  Steven Head
  2.  Frank Geasland
  3.  Joseph Candillo
  4.  Kenneth Colletta
  5.  Roger Moss
  6.  Ashley Johnston-Reynolds
  7.  Troy Fullerton
  8.  Bartolo Manguso
  9.  Richard Laws
  10. Christina Lindsay-Ravenel


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