A look at offices across northern Missouri to be filled in Tuesday’s election

Elections (Vote or Voting)
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Numerous candidates will be elected to office during balloting today. KTTN listed many of the issues on ballots across our listening area on Monday, and today, we’ll focus on offices that have races involving city positions, school boards, and county health boards.

Voters within Trenton will select four individuals for Trenton City Council, one per ward. Races exist in the 1st and 4th wards where there are two candidates each. Running unopposed are candidates in the 2nd and 3rd wards.

There are five candidates for three positions on the Trenton R-9 Board of Education. Four individuals seek one of two, three-year terms. A fifth candidate is unopposed for a one-year, unexpired term on the school board.

Six individuals filed for seats on the Grundy County Health Department board. Four of them filed for a four-year term but two will be elected. Two others filed for a two-year term with only one of them to be elected.

Mercer County’s Health Department board also has a race as three candidates filed for a four-year term with two to be elected. There are four candidates for both the Princeton and North Mercer R-3 boards of education with two to be elected, serving three-year terms each.

Two individuals are to be elected from among three candidates for the Chula School District Board of Education. One other candidate will be elected to an unexpired two-year term. There’s also a race among two candidates for Mayor of Chula.

There are races for the South and North Ward Alderman in Milan.  Each has two candidates with one to be selected in each ward.

The Newtown-Harris Board of Education race features four candidates with two to be elected for three years. Another candidate seeks to fill the one-year unexpired term.

There’s a three-way contest for two seats on the Green City Board of Education.

Unionville has three races with two candidates each. One involves Mayor and the others are for the east and west ward alderman.

Two races exist involving the selection of board members to Putnam County E 911.

Elsewhere, there’s a contest for west ward alderman in Gallatin and Altamont has five candidates for three trustees positions.

There are four candidates for three seats on the Ridgeway Board of Education and four candidates competing for two seats on the Cainsville Board of Education.

Four candidates are running for two seats on the South Harrison R-2 Board of Education in Bethany.

The Pattonsburg school board has three candidates for two seats.

The town of Ridgeway has four candidates for two of the aldermen positions.

Cainsville and New Hampton have three running for two aldermen seats.

Brookfield’s Board of Education has five candidates seeking a three-year term, two are to be elected. Voters within Brookfield choose two people from among three candidates for the city council.

Three candidates are on ballots in Laclede with two to be elected.

There are four candidates for three seats on the Linn County Health Department board.

In Hamilton, three candidates are seeking West Ward Alderman.

Three seek two seats on the Polo R-7 Board of Education.

Election results can be heard on KTTN FM after the polls close at 7 tonight.

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