Gilman City School District extends closure to April 30, 2020

Gilman City School

The Gilman City R-4 School District has extended its closure due to COVID-19 concerns.

The school district is now to be closed through April 30th, and classes are scheduled to resume May 1st. Classes were originally planned to resume next week.

Superintendent Roger Alley wrote in a letter that the decision to extend the closure was based on information from federal, state, and local health officials. The administration is to continue to monitor the situation and notify students, parents, and the community if there are any changes to the schedule.

Alley said the Gilman City School District will continue to offer learning opportunities for its students through technology and resources provided. The district has decided to honor some of the time off for the scheduled Spring Break and will submit new materials in only core subjects to students starting April 14th. Teachers are to communicate with students regarding new lessons and when it is safe to return completed work.

The Gilman City School District’s meal program will continue during the closure, with exceptions of April 9th, 10th, and 13th due to Spring Break. Lunches will resume April 14th.

Alley says that he and Principal Jill Sperry appreciate the work of students, parents, teachers, and staff during this time.