Gallatin Board of Aldermen approve bids at Monday meeting

Daviess County Courthouse
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The Gallatin Board of Aldermen approved the authorization of a consent to emergency water connection with Public Water Supply District Number 2 of Daviess County at its meeting Monday evening.

The consent will allow the City of Gallatin to temporarily allocate an additional 30,000 gallons of water to water supply district, which will then allow the district to sell up to 30,000 gallons of water per day to Caldwell County Public Water Supply District Number 2 with consent to continue until December 31st.

The board also approved the purchase of a flow meter. The quote from Instruments Direct, Incorporated was approved for $2,475. Axiom Instrumentation Services also submitted a quote of $2,645. The flow meters will inform the water plant operators how much water is flowing into the clarifiers and will help regulate the appropriate chemical feed.

Quotes for a crack seal machine and a dump bed truck were also provided. Pavement LLC, Asphalt Kingdom, and Seal Master submitted quotes for a 10-gallon patching machine with heating element ranging from $1,695 to more than $1,225. An additional bid for a crack pro turbo was provided at $2,995.

Dump bed truck quotes came from Magnum Machine Works, LLC, Kranz of KC, and American Equipment Company. Bids for an 11-foot dump bed installed ranged from $12,330 to $17,104. American Equipment Company also submitted a quote for an 11-foot dump bid not installed of $9,435.

The board approved an ordinance setting the tax levy rates for property taxes for the City of Gallatin for 2018 for general, parks and recreation, and band funds.

Police Chief Mark Richards reported two homes on George Allen that were on the nuisance list have been taken down by the owner. Nine homes have been removed this year, and all were paid for by the owners.

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