Restoration of services continues at Crossroads Correctional Center

Crossroads Correctional Center
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Restoration of services continues at the Crossroads Correctional Center of Cameron where a modified lockdown has been in effect since an incident May 12th.

The Missouri Department of Corrections reports delays in the replacement of multiple security doors damaged in the incident have led to further delays in a return to normal activity. Door replacement entails the manufacture of six custom-made security doors and door frames, shipping, and installation.

The DOC notes Crossroads has not been able to begin preparing and serving hot meals, but fresh sack meals are being prepared on site and delivered to offenders in their cells. Service of one hot meal per day is expected to commence as soon as the kitchen and dining area are secured.

The DOC reports visiting at the correctional center resumed the week of August 9th. Visits will continue every weekend, and offenders will be notified of the dates they will have the opportunity to meet with visitors.

The Department of Corrections adds that offenders at Crossroads Correctional Center are also allowed to send and receive mail on a regular schedule as well as make phone calls once a day on weekdays.

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