Food safety workshop to be held at North Missouri Produce Auction in Jamesport

Food Safety

A food safety workshop will be held at the North Missouri Produce Auction of Jamesport next month.

The eight-hour workshop will be held November 29th from 8 o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock in the evening. The workshop will cover how to identify risks, best practices to reduce risks, key parts of the Food Safety Modernization Act’s produce safety rule, and how to develop a farm food safety plan.

Participants will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Course Attendance from the Association of Food and Drug Officials that verifies they attended the course, which is a requirement to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act produce safety rule.

The Food Safety Modernization Act requires growers who sell more than $25,000 of produce covered under the act to attend a food safety workshop.

The workshop in Jamesport is limited to 50 attendees, and registration is required. The cost to register is $20.00, which includes materials and lunch.

You may call the Daviess County Extension Center to register at 660-663-3232.